30 PRINTS PROJECT Starry Sky: 17/30


30 PRINTS PROJECT Starry Sky: 17/30

100.00 150.00

Speedball block print ink on Strathmore paper
mounted on 1.5” deep pine panel
10” x 8”

Signed and numbered on verso.

First 5 are 1 color: yellow
Second 5 are 2 color: yellow + magenta
Next 25 are 3 color: yellow, magenta, cyan

Printed from the same block, but each is unique.
Each edition is specified by number on bottom right.

30 Prints Project : is an edition of 30 woodblock prints released monthly. 
Edition of 30 with 3 AP’s and 2 Test Prints

My work has always been inspired by the landscape, but in Marfa my attention was drawn skyward towards the blue of the day and night skyscapes. This edition is inspired by Marfa.

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